Below is a list of 1962 classmates that I found on Facebook.

If you know anything about any of the below classmates, please emailDave Thompson, Barbara Tobin and Sherry (Stapleton) Gorey 

Steven Edwards (formally Steven Edvabsky) Retired in Port Isabel, TX
Chet Sheffield Brooksville Florida
Joy Justice Sherrill, living in Indianapolis
Prince Smith "Smitty" Powell retired and living in Walton, Kentucky
Sandra Peyser, Raleigh NC.
Christine Petti  Plantation, FL  Linville Ridge, NC   Ventura, CA

If you have an Obituary for any of the below, please email it to the above people.
If you know of a death that is not listed here, please forward the information as well.

Martin Andrews III  (Deceased)
Kenneth Basiel  (Deceased)
Ronald Bevans  (Deceased)
Stuart Botwinik  (Deceased)
Sandra Brodbeck Suchora  (Deceased)
David Burney  (Deceased)
Frank Burns  (Deceased)
Barbara Burroughs  (Deceased)
Bonnie Buss Sanchez  (Deceased)
John Jack Cabot  (Deceased)
Dorothea Chandler Powell  (Deceased)
Rosemary Charron  (Deceased)
Pamela Cary Martin  (Deceased)
Buster Christensen  (Deceased)
James T. Cline  (Deceased)
Frank Compton  (Deceased)
Regina Cox Fernandez  (Deceased)
Rodger Delaney  (Deceased)
Jonathan Demme  (Deceased)
Natalie Deutschman  (Deceased)
Judy Dowling  (Deceased)
John Downs  (Deceased)
Joseph Faix  (Deceased)
Stanley Farber  (Deceased)
George Faust  (Deceased)
Henry Ford  (Deceased)
Jan Glidewell  (Deceased)
Wayne Gilbert  (Deceased)
Richard Glasser  (Deceased)
Fred Griffis  (Deceased)
Felicia Lisa Gorko  (Deceased)
Curtis Hamblin (Deceased)
John Hornbake  (Deceased)
Joe Hopewell  (Deceased)
Major Hank Houghton  (Deceased)
Neil Koenig  (Deceased)
Joel Landsman  (Deceased)
Roger Launer  (Deceased)
Michael Libby  (Deceased)
Maryann Luther  (Deceased)
Andrew Marcus  (Deceased)
Ronald Mason  (Deceased)
Joseph Massimi  (Deceased)
Michael McGill  (Deceased)
Richard Meachem  (Deceased)
Donald Miller  (Deceased)
Edward Miller  (Deceased)
Robert Nelson  (Deceased)
Arlene Oddy  (Deceased)
Alice Joy Osceola  (Deceased)
Stephen Pelley  (Deceased)
George Perry  (Deceased)
William Powers  (Deceased)
Deborah Romoser  (Deceased)
Ruthann Rump Fernandez  (Deceased)
Diann Runyan Laubscher  (Deceased)
Elio Pena Salina  (Deceased)
Mark Scanlan  (Deceased)
Patricia Siley  (Deceased)
Michael Shell  (Deceased)
John Sluski  (Deceased)
Mark Edison Smith III  (Deceased)
Esther Sneed Aubury  (Deceased)
Diane Sjostrom  (Deceased)
Jonathan Swisher  (Deceased)
Van Spaulding  (Deceased)
Jacklyne Stahl Siegmeister  (Deceased)
William Gary Starnes  (Deceased)
Gerald Tacker  (Deceased)
John Tarby  (Deceased)
David Teeters  (Deceased)
Murrell Buddy Travis  (Deceased)
Daniel Wallace  (Deceased)
Vicki Webber Zike  (Deceased)
Sherrie West Lowd  (Deceased)
Michael Willis  (Deceased)
Mark Wilson  (Deceased)
Martin Wrigley  (Deceased)
Sandra Zimmerman  (Deceased)
Richard Messmer (Deceased)